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Mini Implants Make Dentures Fit More Securely

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If you use dentures, chances are you've experienced the slip and slide of a poor seal on your gums. While there's plenty of varieties of sealants available, none of them will make your dentures stay perfectly in place, and many of them create a sticky mess to clean up at the end of the day. Thankfully, an alternative exists that will hold your dentures in place as snugly as real teeth: mini implants.

How They Work

Mini implants, also known as denture implants, act like anchors for your dentures: they're small titanium pegs that are inserted through your gums and into your jaw, simulating the roots of a real tooth. The protrude slightly from your gumline, and matching attachments are added to your existing dentures that allow your dentures to firmly snap into place. Once the pegs are connected, your dentures snugly fit to your gums and don't budge in the slightest: no adhesive is needed.

Best of all, the procedure to install the implants only takes a few hours and doesn't require surgery. The implants are put in place at a dentist's office, and only light anesthesia is needed. You can wear your dentures, eat, and drink as soon as the procedure is done.

No Sliding Means No Bone Loss

Besides not needing to buy adhesive anymore, there are some great benefits to attaching your dentures this way.

Have you ever felt anxious about your dentures slipping, falling out or they've slurred your speech due to a poor fit? The mini implant will stop these things from ever happening again, so you can talk and eat with confidence.

Additionally, one common problem denture owners go through is suffering from bone loss in their jaws. The sliding motion of the dentures on the gum line can damage or wear down the bone in the jaw over time. Since your dentures won't be sliding anymore, this won't be a problem.

The mini implants also help to provide stimulation to the jaw bone: when you chew with healthy teeth, your jaw bone responds to the pressure by regularly rebuilding and strengthening itself. Once those teeth are gone, the bone loses up to 25% of its width in just one year. Since the implants are placed in the bone of your jaw, they create a similar effect when you chew and help to keep your bones strong.

Mini implants, from places like Pacer Dental, are an affordable, quick and easy way to harness your dentures in place and give you the natural smile, speech and chewing ability you want.