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What You Need To Know About Scrotal Tongue

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Scrotal tongue is a condition that has significant effects on a person's tongue and sometimes, even on the rest of their mouth. Although these effects are not that severe, they tend to affect the way an individual's tongue looks much more than how it functions. To put it in general terms, scrotal tongue makes the tongue look wrinkled and disheveled. Different names are also employed to describe this condition including lingua fissurata, lingua plicata and grooved tongue. All of these names gesture at the unsightly grooves and rolls that come to characterize the tongue when it suffers from this condition.

The Roots of This Condition

More often than not, individuals who suffer from this condition are born with it. Although the condition is not terribly common, somewhere between 2 and 5 percent of Americans are affected by it. It is not difficult to either diagnose or identify scrotal tongue. In other words, if you have this condition, you will likely know about it.

Scrotal tongue is defined by either one wrinkle extending down the middle of the tongue, or multiple wrinkles extending outwards from its middle. Although this is a condition that remains latent in the individual from birth, it certainly becomes more noticeable over time. This means that even if you were not aware of having scrotal tongue earlier in life, you may very well have it.

If you are one of the few individuals who was not born with this condition but develops it later in life, there are several factors that might be contributing to it. In fact, poor nutrition and illness are often at the root of scrotal tongue. People who suffer from Down syndrome, for example, also tend to suffer from scrotal tongue as a secondary symptom.

Treating Scrotal Tongue

There is no known treatment for scrotal tongue. The good news is that this condition is practically harmless. True: it can and does cause discomfort when paired with certain foods. Dentists recommend that when you experience this burning, that you make note of what you have just eaten, and avoid it in the future. By avoiding certain foods, you will have gone a long way towards eliminating scrotal tongue.

Ultimately, the only real way of diagnosing scrotal tongue is by looking at your tongue's appearance. While the condition is practically harmless, it can be uncomfortable. Knowing that you have scrotal tongue is the first step to managing it. Once you have identified the condition you can move towards a much more comfortable and satisfied mouth. Consult with professionals, such as Dr. James A. Dempsey, with any further questions.