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3 Ways Technology Is Making Trips To The Dentist Faster & More Enjoyable

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Thanks to advances in engineering and technology, visiting the dentist is not only a much quicker ordeal than it has been in recent years, but also a much more enjoyable one. With the advent of computer aided drafting and machining, and the increasing popularity of laser use over more conventional dental tools like drills, patients are not only experiencing less stress, but also minimizing the time spent at the dentist's office.

Additionally, with more practices focusing on biomimetic dentistry, patients are discovering that they can achieve healthy, whiter smiles with their own, natural teeth. The following illustrates how these innovative practices are transforming dental services around the world.

Computer Aided Drafting & Machining For Shorter Visits

The vast majority of dental practices around the nation utilize computer aided technologies. These drafting and machining technologies serve to minimize the amount of time necessary to remedy a patient's dental needs. The fabrication of dental crowns, for instance, now takes just a few minutes' time to complete. With these technologies, patients can schedule their dental appointment alongside other items on their to-do list, rather than clearing up an entire day on their schedule.

Lasers For Comfortable Visits

Many dental offices have also begun utilizing lasers for their ability to provide patients with less painful, and far less messy procedures. C02 lasers, for example, are often used to accomplish procedures that before required drills and numbing agents. However, in utilizing lasers, dentists can perform these same procedures without the need for excessive anesthesia administration. Lasers also eliminate bleeding, as high intensity light beams effectively evaporate soft and hard tissues.

Biomimetics For More Natural Remedies

Another recent innovation in the field of dentistry known as biomimetics is helping patients achieve brighter, healthier smiles without the need for artificial prosthetics. The ultimate goal of biomimetics is to preserve your tooth's original structure as much as possible when treating issues like chipped teeth or teeth that need root canals.

This type of minimally invasive dental treatment is ideal as it not only minimizes the physical damage necessary for conventional procedures like crowns and root canals, but also because it provides patients with restorations that are natural in appearance and functionality. One particularly unique aspect of biomimetic dentistry is the use of ozone gas to clean the teeth, as opposed to more conventional fluoride based compounds.

In the end, engineering and mechanical technologies have led to faster, more enjoyable dental procedures. At the same time, an increasing knowledge of homeopathic remedies has allowed to dentists to remedy patients' dental woes with more natural procedures that preserve the teeth's enamel and structure. 

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