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The 4 Top Benefits Of A Dental Crown

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If your dentist has suggested a dental crown for one or more of your teeth, you might find yourself wondering whether that is the best option for you - after all, there is always the option of extracting the troubled tooth. To help figure out whether you personally want a dental crown, you will want to review the following four benefits:

It Can Hold Together A Cracked Tooth

Not all teeth that are cracked have to be extracted. If you have a small crack in your tooth, you might want to take action in order to prevent further damage to it, which would eventually lead to the need to remove it altogether.

It Can Be An Anchor For A Bridge

A dental bridge needs something to anchor to and your natural and fully exposed teeth just won't do the trick. By applying a dental crown over the tooth, it can now serve as a secure anchor for the bridge without worrying about the pressure from the bridge destroying the tooth. 

It Can Improve The Look Of Individual Teeth

Oddly-shaped teeth can be aesthetically corrected by the application of a dental crown. By doing this, any teeth that are not as wide or tall as the surrounding teeth can be corrected with ease. This is a much easier and more affordable way to correct the problem instead of having those teeth completely replaced with dental implants.

It Can Conceal Discoloration Of Natural Teeth

If you have a few teeth that have become discolored over the years and whitening treatment is not doing the trick, you might want to opt for a dental crown. The crown is created in a color shade that will match the rest of your natural teeth. This way, it will not stick out like a sore thumb.

It Restores The Use Of Your Tooth After A Root Canal

Having a root canal ensures that you are able to keep your natural tooth. However, that natural tooth is going to need a little added protection in order to prevent any further damage from taking place. This is why a dental crown is used over top of a tooth that just had a root canal.

With those four benefits in mind, you should have no trouble deciding whether this is truly the best option for your dental needs. Make sure that you are addressing any further concerns that you might have with your trusted dentist. Contact a company such as Wigwam Dental Care to learn more.