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2 Common Clear Braces Concerns

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In order for you to have a beautiful smile, it is critical for your teeth to be as straight as possible. Unfortunately, many adults may not have had the benefits of orthodontic treatments when they were children. If this applies to you, braces may be something that you are considering, but if you are not well-informed about these treatments, you may find deciding whether this is a good option for you is difficult. Luckily, the following answers to common questions should help you to have a more thorough understanding about your treatment options.

Are Clear Braces Viable For Adults?

It is common for adults to want to avoid having extremely obvious metal braces. Fortunately, clear braces can be an excellent option for straightening your teeth while being as discreet as possible. Depending on the type and severity of the problems with your smile, it may be possible to opt for completely clear braces. These braces are essentially clear retainers that will straighten your teeth while being almost invisible.

Unfortunately, some problems may be too severe for this option. In these instances, you may need to have traditional brackets and wire. However, you may still opt for clear brackets and wires to be used. While this option may still be slightly noticeable to others, it may be the most effective and discreet option for addressing your problem.

Do Clear Braces Require More Maintenance Than Traditional Braces?

Some patients may assume that clear braces will require more maintenance than traditional ones. While these braces will not require more servicing than traditional ones, they will require more cleaning. If the braces are not kept extremely clean, then they will be more noticeable due to staining, plaque and food particles.

To help ensure your clear braces are kept as clean as possible, you may want to invest in a water flosser. These devices emit a powerful jet of water that can be used to remove these substances from the clear braces. While this may seem like a somewhat expensive investment, it can be more than worth it if you value keeping your clear braces discreet.

Having your teeth straightened with braces can be an excellent way of improving your self-confidence and appearance. However, you may not fully understand your options for pursuing this treatment option. After you understand that clear braces can be a viable option for adults and that they will require more intensive cleaning, you should have more of the knowledge you need to decide if clear braces are right for your orthodontic needs. Visit a dentist near you like Fayetteville Family Dentistry for more information.