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Pain Relief Tips For After Your Multi-Tooth Root Canals

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If you have recently booked an appointment to have root canals performed on a couple of your teeth, then you need to stock-up on a few items to ensure that your recovery at home afterwards is as comfortable as possible. While having root canals on multiple teeth at once reduces the number of appointments you will need to have at your dentist's office, your mouth very well may experience some added discomfort from work done in multiple areas at one time.

Rather than fearing post root canal pain, instead you can easily prepare your home with items to alleviate any discomfort you may feel by making the following preparations ahead of the date of your oral surgery:

Buy a Bottle of Clove Oil and a Package of Cotton Balls

Clove oil contains a natural anesthetic known as euganol and works well to alleviate dental pain. To use clove oil for pain control after your root canals, you need to have some gauze or cotton balls to put it on. Place a few drops of clove oil on the cotton ball and place it directly on the sore place in your mouth. You can repeat this procedure as often as necessary to control your gum pain. 

Buy Two Packages of Frozen Corn

While you may be tempted to use blue ice packs on your cheeks after surgery, the better option is a bag of frozen corn or another small-sized vegetable. To help swelling and soreness after your root canals, drop the bag onto a hard surface to loosen any ice blocks, and place the bag of corn into a pillowcase and then place it against the area that you wish to cool. By having two bags on hand, you can refreeze the bags completely between uses.

Buy Baking Soda and Table Salt

In the days following your root canals, you need to gently brush your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and table salt. This mixture will gently clean your teeth while at the same time the salt will act as a natural antiseptic and help to prevent post-surgical infections.

Buy a Variety of Soft Foods

Finally, you will want to eat soft foods on the days immediately following your root canals. Some foods that you might find appealing after oral surgery include:

  • potatoes

  • yogurt

  • pudding

  • ice cream

  • pasta

  • eggs

You should also avoid hard foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, candy, and nuts.