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3 Ways To Prevent Acid Damage To The Teeth

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For those who suffer from regular acid reflux that causes acid to get into the mouth, it can result in the gradual wearing out of the teeth. These issues, including heartburn, can cause the tooth enamel to eventually wear away. Enamel cannot be grown back no matter what efforts you or the dentist makes. This can result in pain and decay in the teeth. It can also eventually make the teeth become completely irregular in shape and size. The following are some ways to keep the teeth healthy even if you suffer from acid reflux:

Rinse the Mouth Regularly With Water

Any time you have heartburn and acid is found in the mouth, it is best to remove it from the mouth as soon as you can. To remove this substance from the mouth, all you need to do is rinse your mouth out with some water. Take water into the mouth and move it around until it feels clean and free of any acid. To prevent any gum issues, use some mouthwash or salted water in addition to the clear water rinse. Taking these steps will remove the acid from the teeth and keep the gums healthy.

Have Crowns Placed On Back Teeth

With acid reflux, the teeth that are the most affected are the back molars. Since these teeth are among the most important, it is crucial to take extra steps to ensure they are protected from acid wear. This may include having those teeth crowned, especially if you begin to notice that you have pain when chewing. This will preserve the integrity of the teeth and prevent any issues with eating.

Get to the Bottom of the Reflux Problem

If you want to keep the teeth free from acid damage, the best thing to do is to prevent or decrease acid in the mouth. There are a variety of ways to do this, but it will solely depend on the level of acid reflux issue you have. If you have an acid reflux problem that causes you pain on a daily basis, it is necessary to be seen by a medical professional. Medication can be prescribed to help alleviate some of the symptoms. For milder cases, over-the-counter acid reducers or antacids can be helpful. Some changes to the diet can also be beneficial. Avoid spicy food or those high in acid such as tomatoes and citrus fruit.

Having acid reflux can be a very painful problem, but it can also be very damaging to the teeth. For more information, contact Love Your Smile Family Aesthetic Dentistry or a similar location.