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3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist Or Dental Surgeon Before Receiving Dental Implants

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Dental implants can provide you with an incredible amount of stability and increase your mouth's integrity. However, as with any serious surgical procedure, there are a number of questions you should ask your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few important questions you should float by your dentist or dental surgeon.

How Many Surgeries Are Required?

Although in most situations revolving around the installation of dental implants, only one surgery is required, there are a few occasions in which your surgeon or dentist may deem it necessary to have multiple surgeries. For example, your doctor may find the presence of a pre-existing condition, like a cleft palate, requires additional implant installation work that requires more than one session. It may also be the case that complications arise during the surgery, such as your mandible not being as strong as previously thought and rejecting the implants during the installation itself.

Will Your Doctor Use Stents Or Guides?

It is important to ask if your doctor will be using stents or guides. Although in most cases, dental surgeons will use stents during dental implant procedures, there are some isolated cases where they will not. Surgical stents allow the surgeon to operate with incredible acumen. They are essentially a guide that allows the surgeon to install the implants at the ideal angle, ensuring that your new teeth will be as straight as they can possibly be.

When Will The Doctor Load The Implants?

Whenever you hear of a doctor referring to "loading" the implants, that simply means the process of installing the implants themselves. It's important to know when you will have this procedure performed so you can make provisions and plan accordingly around this installation process. Although there are some occasions in which a dentist or surgeon will deem it necessary for you to have same day loading – especially during emergency situations when you have lost numerous teeth during an accident – most of the time you will be given a sufficient amount of time. Most installations occur between three and six months after your dentist determines that you require dental implants.

There are numerous questions that you should ask your dentist or dental surgeon before you undergo the process of dental implant surgery. It is important that you not take the answers given here as the gospel and ask your dental surgeon or dentist him- or herself, as you will find that the answers themselves may slightly vary.