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Tips For Those That Have Lost A Tooth

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There are many different dental emergencies that a person may be unfortunate enough to encounter over the course of life. However, having a tooth knocked out can be particularly common, and it is important for patients to know the steps for addressing this routine problem. To this end, the following few tips can help patients that have suffered the loss of one of their teeth.

Keep Any Swelling Under Control

When a tooth is knocked out of the mouth, it is possible for a tremendous amount of swelling to occur. This swelling can increase the pressure on the wound, which can cause patients to feel far more pain and discomfort than necessary. Also, this swelling may make it harder for the dentist to treat the injury. As a result, patients should make sure to keep an ice pack on the side of the mouth where this injury occurred.

Protect The Tooth

A dental patient may assume that they will not be able to have the missing tooth put back in their mouths. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that an experienced dentist may be able to perform this delicate procedure. Yet, this can only be done when the root of the tooth is relatively free of damage. If the root is too damaged, it will not be able to bond with the tissue in the jaw.

To help prevent the tooth from suffering this type of damage, you should make sure to put it in a sealable plastic bag with a small amount of water. This will help to keep the tooth alive while you are waiting to get care, which may be able to help you to avoid needing to get an artificial tooth.

Understand The Options For Artificial Replacements

Sadly, there may be times when the tooth will be unable to be reinserted into your mouth. When this occurs, it will be necessary to use a replacement tooth to correct the functional and cosmetic issues that this problem can cause. In particular, patients may opt to have either a dental implant or bridge installed. However, the best option will depend on the location of the missing tooth as well as the financial means of the patient, but an experienced dentist will be able to provide guidance about the best restorative option. While some individuals may attempt to avoid paying to have a bridge or implant installed, this can contribute to further problems by allowing the teeth to shift positions.

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