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Dental Visits Don't Have To Be Scary For The Little Ones

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You may have been at the dentist's office on an occasion or two when you've see a parent come in with a child who is absolutely terrified. You may see the child cry, try to head for the exit, and even try to fall to the ground while their parents fight to carry them back to the exam room. If you are a parent of a little one, you will be relieved to learn that this doesn't have to be your life. There are things you can do to prevent your child from being scared of the dentist so you can enjoy pleasant trips. Here are some things you can do:

Start your child's dental routine young

You should actually start caring for your child's teeth as soon as you start to see white bumps developing on their gums. Take a moist and soft cloth to wipe them off after they are finished eating. Continue caring for your child's teeth gently and while calmly talking to them so they learn it isn't a scary thing. Once they are old enough to understand start talking to them about the dentist, telling them how proud the dentist is going to be when they see how good of a job your child is doing with regards to their tooth care. You also want to start taking them in to see the dentist at a young age.

Play dental games at home with your child

You can purchase toy dental kits at toy stores and big box stores. Get a kit or two and use them to play with your child. You can have them act as the patient while you are the dentist and then switch roles. The point is to get them excited about the dentist and to teach them about what they can expect so they learn that there is nothing to worry about.

Help them make a journal to show the dentist

Kids love to show off their accomplishments and they love to share their thoughts. This is why things like share day at school are generally very popular with the kids. You can really use this to your advantage. Help your child keep a journal that they use to keep track of everything positive they do for their oral care. Let them know how impressed the dentist is going to be when they see how much care your child is putting into their teeth.