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When Should You Take A Child To The Dentist For The First Time?

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As your newborn child begins to grow, he or she will begin getting teeth around the age of six months. When this happens, you might wonder when you should bring the child in for his or her first dental visit. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends doing this as soon as the child's first tooth comes through; however, many dentists recommend waiting until the child is around one or two years old. Here are several things you should know that will help you decide when the right time is for your child.

You should keep an eye on your child's teeth

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your child's teeth, and this can actually be fun for many parents. You may want to watch daily as your child's teeth start erupting so you can record the dates that the teeth come in, and you can also watch to see if you see any spots on his or her teeth that appear to be decay. Simply looking inside the child's mouth every week is sufficient. Take the child to a dentist if you see any signs of problems, no matter how old the child is.

You should wipe your child's teeth and gums with a rag

You may not realize that you can actually clean your child's mouth simply by wiping a wet rag on his or her teeth and gums. Wiping out the child's mouth once or twice each day is a great way to remove bacteria in the mouth, as bacteria can lead to the formation of decay.

You should begin using training toothpaste as soon as the child has teeth

The other thing to know is that you can purchase small toothbrushes for infants and training toothpaste, and you can start using these things as soon as your child gets teeth. Training toothpaste is specially designed for small children, and it does not contain any fluoride. It is completely safe for a child to swallow, and that is why it is recommend for young kids. Brushing your child's teeth each day is a great way to keep the teeth healthy and cavity-free.

If you take good care of your baby's teeth and do not see any decay on them, you can probably wait until your child is one or two before scheduling the first dental visit. If you have questions about this, talk to a pediatric dentist in your area, such as at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.