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Ways Dentists Close Gaps Between The Teeth

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Living with a gap between your two front teeth might be something you have always despised about your smile, but you do not have to live like this. If you visit a cosmetic dentist, he or she could fix this problem for you, and there are multiple different ways dentists can do this. Here are three of the top methods dentists use for closing gaps between teeth.

Dental bonding

The first option you could choose is dental bonding, and this is typically the most cost-effective option available for fixing a gap. Dental bonding is a material you are probably familiar with already, as it is the main material dentists use to fill in cavities. Dentists are able to apply this material to teeth to make the teeth wider. After it is applied, the dentist will shape the teeth so they look completely natural. Once the procedure is complete, you will no longer have a gap between your teeth, yet you will not even be able to see the bonding material on your teeth.

Dental veneers

The second option dentists use for eliminating a gap is through dental veneers, which are small products placed over the teeth. This option will provide a long-lasting solution for the problem, but it typically costs more for veneers than for bonding. If you get a dental veneer, your dentist will have to remove the outer part of your tooth to make room for the veneer, and you will need two veneers if you are using these to close a gap. Veneers work for closing gaps by making teeth wider, and these too will look completely natural once they are placed on your teeth.  


The other way a dentist can close this gap is by using braces. Braces are designed to align teeth more properly and evenly. If you want to close a gap without adding materials to your teeth, this would be the method you should choose. Braces cause your teeth to shift, and your dentist can design braces for you that will work to close the gap you have between your two front teeth.

If you would like to learn more about getting rid of the gap you have between your two front teeth, you should contact a clinic that offers cosmetic dental services. They can help you learn more about your options, the costs, and the pros and cons of each choice.