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3 Things To Know Before Getting Dentures

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If you currently have very few good teeth in your mouth and are tired of living like this, you could consider getting dentures. Dentures are an affordable and common way to replace missing teeth, and here are three important things you should understand before you get them.

1. There are different types

The first thing to understand about dentures is that there are different types, and the type you will need depends on the number of good teeth you have. For example, if you have no good teeth left, you will need a full set of dentures, which means you will need both an upper and lower set. Partial dentures is another option, which is ideal for a person who is only missing some teeth in his or her mouth. One other option you might consider is implant-supported dentures. With this option, your dentist will place a few dental implants in your mouth, which are used to secure the removable dentures. This often helps hold them in place much better, and it is a great option for some people.

2. You will need to keep up with adjustments and get used to them

Secondly, you should understand that getting used to wearing dentures will require some patience and time. Dentures are artificial teeth, and they will feel very different from your natural teeth. In most cases, they are also removable, which means they can come loose. Because of this, you will need to plan on spending the first few weeks adjusting to them and learning how to position your tongue when eating or speaking.

You should also realize that dentures are made just for your mouth, but they may require adjustments. After you get the dentures, you should visit the dentist who made them as often as necessary to get the adjustments you need. Minor adjustments can help them fit better and can help you avoid developing sores in your mouth.

3. They do not last forever

The final thing to understand about dentures is that they do not last forever. As you age, the shape of your mouth and the density of your jawbone can change. Because of this, your dentures might not fit right after a couple of years, which means you may need to replace them every few years.

If you are interested in getting dentures or learning more about them, you can do so by scheduling a visit with a dentist that offers denture services in your area. For more information, check out a website like today.