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What Can You Do If You Can't Afford To Get Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Done?

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One of the main reasons people don't receive proper dental care is that they simply can't afford it. This is especially true for cosmetic procedures like veneers or bridges because in many cases, it's not considered a necessity so therefore, it is not covered under dental plans.

What can you do if you need a cosmetic dentistry procedure done, and you can't afford it? There are a few ways you may still be able to have the work you need to be completed.

Insurance Plan

While some insurance companies or plans don't cover cosmetic procedures or only pay a partial amount for them, there are many who do. It's possible that your insurance plan does cover some or all cosmetic procedures, so it's best to contact them or ask your dentist if any of the procedures you need done are covered by your plan.

It may be possible to add cosmetic coverage to an existing dental plan either through your work or if you have your own private insurance. Contact your insurer and find out if this is possible.

Flex Spending Account Through Your Employer

You might not have heard of it, but some employers offer flex spending accounts or FSAs to their employees to help cover unexpected medical costs, including dental costs. It's an account to which employees contribute tax-free earnings each paycheck that will be used only for medical expenses.

In some cases, the employer can match what you add or help to contribute to the account. Ask your employer if they offer FSAs to their workers.

Private Loans and Financing

You could receive a private loan from your bank to help cover the costs of the cosmetic dentistry. Your bank will give you a reasonable interest rate if you have a good credit rating, and you will have the option to pay it back over time. You could also receive financing from a private company that offers healthcare loans.

Ask Your Dentist About Dental Plans

Dentists understand that it isn't always easy to pay for dental services especially cosmetic procedures. They know that not all insurance plans cover the cost, and that many won't head to the dentist if they can't afford it. To this end, many dentists will offer a dental plan to their patients. They may offer a discount plan to those who are really struggling to pay for their work. They also will give you ample time to pay for the work instead of having to pay it all at once. Reach out to a dentist, like those at Professional Dental Center, to learn more about your options.