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Don't Lose Your Crown! How To Cope With Crown Problems

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Crowns are meant to effortlessly substitute for teeth that have been damaged by decay or accidents. They usually look perfectly natural and become such an ingrained part of your mouth that you never think about them. Unfortunately, problems can crop up with crowns from time to time. Fortunately, most crown problems are easily resolved if you seek help from your dentist right away. Read on to find out about some common crown issues.

Dark Lines Near the Gums

This is a common and unsightly issue with a crown sometimes. What you are seeing when viewing that dark line is actually the alloy metal underneath the porcelain veneer of the crown. This type of mix allows the crown to be more resilient and long-lasting, but the visible dark line is more noticeable for some. The only solution is to replace the alloy crown with one made of ceramic or porcelain. For most patients, the dark line represents a crown that is ready to be replaced because of its age. Newer crowns don't carry the same issue. Additionally, receding gums can make dark areas look more obvious. If that is the problem, you might need a gum graft.

Decay Inside

Before a crown is placed, great care is taken to ensure the natural tooth is free of decay. Unfortunately, bacteria can enter the crown over time and create problems with the natural tooth. Depending on the level of damage to the tooth, a root canal may be appropriate. In other cases, the tooth cannot be saved and other alternatives like implants, bridges, flippers, or dentures must be considered.

Damage to the Crown

The material that makes up your crown will determine its strength. All porcelain crowns have that glossy natural look you might crave but represents the most vulnerable material of all. For minor chips and cracks, your dentist can repair a porcelain or porcelain alloy crown using dental cement. Major cracks and breaks will call for a complete new crown.

Loosening Crowns

It's important to address a loose crown quickly. When there is any wiggling of a crown, there may be enough space to allow bacteria to enter the crown area and wreak havoc. Those who like to munch on hard, crunchy foods may notice their crowns feeling loose sooner than others. The dental cement that once held your crown on like iron can loosen over time and the sooner you see your dentist for help the less of a major problem you will have with decay and gum diseases.

For issues with your dental crown, protect your investment by speaking to your dentist as soon as you notice a problem.