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Getting Braces? Know How To Deal With Discomfort

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Do you have an upcoming appointment to have braces installed, but are a bit worried about if they will be uncomfortable afterward? Here are some tips for dealing with the discomfort that can be caused by this orthodontic procedure.

Prepare For Immediate Discomfort

One thing that is unavoidable about braces is the immediate discomfort that you will feel a couple of hours after having them placed on your teeth. This is a normal part of the procedure because it means that the braces are starting to move your teeth into the proper position. It is best to preemptively deal with the pain by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease the discomfort you are feeling. You're better off being proactive about your pain relief rather than waiting for the pain to start. 

Beware Of Rubbing Brackets

A common reason that you're going to experience discomfort is that you are not yet used to the sensation of the brackets rubbing against your teeth or your tongue. The best thing that you can do at first is to place a special dental wax on the brackets so that the sensitive parts of your mouth are not rubbing against the metal. While your mouth will eventually get used to the sensation of the brackets, those first few days can be really rough since the braces will leave you feeling very sore. The best tip to follow to ensure the dental way stays on is to make sure that your teeth and brackets are dry before you apply the wax. If not, the wax is more likely to fall off after a short while.

Beware Of Wire Poking

You may also feel discomfort due to the archwire poking the inside of your mouth. This doesn't happen right away, but as your teeth gradually move into the proper position, the archwire will stick out more at the back of your mouth. While you can cover the archwire with dental wax as a quick fix, your orthodontist will actually want to shorten that wire as the teeth move into the proper position and more of the archwire pokes out the back. 

In addition, wires can come off of the bracket and poke you. There is not much that you can do about this situation other than visiting your orthodontist to have them fix the problem as soon as possible. After all, you need all the brackets and archwires to work together, and having one wire off the bracket can delay the corrective process. For more information about braces, contact an orthodontist.