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Six Reasons Why People Get Dental Implants

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A dental implant refers to the replacement of a tooth. A dental implant is a procedure done on someone as a result of a dental extraction. The dental extraction process has grown in popularity since it works way better when handling decaying teeth. A dental implant involves replacing a tooth, while on the other hand, dental extraction involves pulling out a tooth.

The two procedures work hand in hand. Many benefits come with dental implants. Its benefits have made bridges and dentures seem obsolete. Even though the cost is quite expensive compared to dentures and bridges, it is better since they are permanent. People get dental implants for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why.

Permanent Restoration

When an individual goes through a dental extraction, they choose a dental implant to have permanent restoration of their tooth. A permanent restoration is possible because the implant is done into the jawbone, making it remain firm.

No Diet Restrictions

The good thing about the dental implant is that it does not have any diet restrictions. A dental implant is different from dentures and bridges, which have many restrictions on what to eat and what not to. Any patient that goes through a dental implant procedure is free to eat anything of their choice.


Patients with dental implants have nothing to worry about since they are convenient. The procedure is convenient since one does not need to remove the implanted tooth when brushing, contrary to other procedures. A dental implant allows one to floss as if they are natural teeth.

Feels and Seems Natural

Patients who have undergone dental extraction procedures prefer to feel natural again, and a dental implant can only restore the feeling. Dental implants feel natural to the extent of someone feeling the implant as their natural teeth.

Strong Bite

A patient who has undergone a dental implant procedure has a chance to bite things strongly. Dental implants are strong since they are made of titanium. Titanium is known to be one of the strongest alloys on the planet.

Improved Speech

A dental implant improves the mode of speech. Unlike dentures and bridges, where a tooth is likely to come off during speech, tampering with the manner of speech. However, a patient has nothing to worry about with dental implants since the tooth cannot slip, causing any mumbling of words. Also, dental implants improve someone's confidence, making them feel free to smile publicly. 

Talk to your dentist for more information about dental extractions and implants.