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5 Misconceptions About Dentures You Should Be Aware Of

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It's not only older people who need dentures. Young people are using them too, so don't feel insecure about getting dentures. You may be surprised that some of your family members and friends have them, but you don't notice. 

Dentures are an excellent option for replacement teeth. It's not just people whose teeth have fallen out that need them. You may need dentures for various reasons, such as missing teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. So, what are some of the myths about dentures?

Dentures Look Fake

If you spotted someone with dentures that looked fake, it's because they had a low-quality set of dentures. There are counterfeit dentures in the market, especially online. Dentures prescribed by a professional are usually perfectly designed to match your teeth. 

First, the dentist will ensure they match the synthetic gum tissue to the shade of your natural gums. They will then measure your mouth's height and shape and create dentures that fit your mouth precisely. Lastly, they will find the proper shading for your teeth so that the dentures match your skin tone. 

Dentures Move Around and Easily Fall Out

Dentures made years ago used to move and fall out from the mouth when you talk or chew. Usually, lower-arch dentures trouble people more than uppers-arch dentures. However, you won't have any issues with lower-arch dentures if they are designed by a professional. So, don't worry about the dentures falling out while you are in public. 

You Don't Have to Revisit the Dentist If You Wear Dentures

You will still have to visit your dentist for regular check-ups. The dentist will examine if your dentures still fit correctly and whether your gums are healthy. The professional will also inspect the dentures and ensure they are clean and in good condition. Dirty or ill-fitting dentures contribute to poor oral hygiene, which can affect the health of your gums.

You Won't Eat What You Want

While some people remove dentures when eating, you can still eat with dentures if they are properly fitted. You can also eat anything you want. Restricting your diet due to dentures will jeopardize your health unnecessarily. If you are concerned you won't eat your favorite foods because of dentures you should contact a dentist to address your questions.

You Need Denture Adhesives

You only need denture adhesives if your dentures don't fit well in your mouth. The adhesives help the dentures to stick to your oral cavity and prevent them from falling off when you cough or sneeze. However, if an expert customizes your dentures, you probably won't need adhesives.

To learn more, contact a dentist in your area.