Good Oral Heath Is Important for People of All Ages

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Three Tips For Safe And Effective Flossing After A Composite Resin Treatment

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Getting a composite resin mix of glass, plastic, and other materials applied to your cracked tooth is a great way to restore your smile without spending a lot of money. But as with any artificial insert in your mouth, protecting it from decay and breakdown over the long term is going to require some special thought. To ensure that your flossing sessions are both safe and effective in relation to the composite resin, remember these three tips. Read More»

Tips For Those That Have Lost A Tooth

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There are many different dental emergencies that a person may be unfortunate enough to encounter over the course of life. However, having a tooth knocked out can be particularly common, and it is important for patients to know the steps for addressing this routine problem. To this end, the following few tips can help patients that have suffered the loss of one of their teeth. Keep Any Swelling Under Control Read More»

3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist Or Dental Surgeon Before Receiving Dental Implants

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Dental implants can provide you with an incredible amount of stability and increase your mouth’s integrity. However, as with any serious surgical procedure, there are a number of questions you should ask your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few important questions you should float by your dentist or dental surgeon. How Many Surgeries Are Required? Although in most situations revolving around the installation of dental implants, only one surgery is required, there are a few occasions in which your surgeon or dentist may deem it necessary to have multiple surgeries. Read More»

2 Antibacterial Mouthwashes To Prevent Peri-Implant Mucositis

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Getting a dental implant installed can be an easy way to replace missing or damaged teeth. An implant that is cared for routinely will last for many years without any issues. However, just like natural teeth, your dental implants can become infected. This often happens around the base of the dental implant where the gum tissue is.The buildup of plaque and bacteria can lead to a disease called peri-implant mucositis. This form of gum disease is similar to gingivitis and results in bleeding and painful gums. Read More»

Helping Your Child Cope With Dentist Visits

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Your child’s first visits to the dentist’s office can be a scary phenomenon. Remember that children are often times scared of the unknown and that such experiences can be startling, or even horrifying, to children. Throughout this brief guide, you will learn about a few tips that can help your child cope with his or her first visits to the dentist’s office. Roleplaying Giving your child a chance to sample the situation of being in a dentist’s office is a truly priceless affair. Read More»

3 Ways To Prevent Acid Damage To The Teeth

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For those who suffer from regular acid reflux that causes acid to get into the mouth, it can result in the gradual wearing out of the teeth. These issues, including heartburn, can cause the tooth enamel to eventually wear away. Enamel cannot be grown back no matter what efforts you or the dentist makes. This can result in pain and decay in the teeth. It can also eventually make the teeth become completely irregular in shape and size. Read More»

What Are Your Dental Whitening Options If You Already Have Crowns Or Veneers?

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If you’ve already made the investment in dental crowns or veneers to help improve the appearance of your smile, you may be dismayed when continued use of coffee, tea, or soda begins to discolor the surface of your teeth. However, the porcelain or ceramic from which veneers are crafted often aren’t well-suited to most dental whitening treatments used on your natural teeth. What are your whitening options if your discolored teeth aren’t your own? Read More»

2 Replacement Options For A Missing Tooth

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Most people do not plan to lose a tooth. It may be knocked out inadvertently during a ball game, or a tooth may require extraction due to a severe deep cavity. Nevertheless, regardless of the reason that a tooth is lost, there are replacement options available. Here are two of them: Dental Bridge A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that includes two dental crowns attached to the base of the bridge. Read More»

3 Natural Teeth Whiteners

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Almost everyone wants white teeth. However, some people may not know that there are natural products available to help improve the whitest of their teeth, and some of these products may already be on your kitchen shelf. Here are a few natural products that can help improve the color of your teeth: Strawberries Some dental discoloration is due to the presence of plaque on the teeth. Strawberries contain vitamin C and malic acid that helps dissolve and remove dental plaque. Read More»